BIO 500 GC Week 1 Discussions Latest




BIO 500 GC Week 1 Discussions Latest

BIO 500 GC Week 1 Discussions Latest


BIO 500 GC Week 1 Discussion 1 Latest

Search for 2 or 3 SPSS tutorials to help you learn how to use SPSS.  Answer the following about the websites.  Provide the website for the 2 or 3 tutorials that you found on SPSS?  What specific things were you searching for in these tutorials?  What did you like or dislike about the tutorials?  What did you find the most useful in these tutorials?



BIO 500 GC Week 1 Discussion 2 Latest

This course is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills in application, evaluation, analysis, and interpretation of bio statistical data used to inform public health programs, policy, and practice. View the online video, “Careers in Biostatistics.” The video describes the education that a professional biostatistician receives at the University of North Carolina. More than likely you will be working with professional biostatisticians. Why is it important for you to take this course in biostatistics?

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