BUS 352 Grand Canyon Week 2 Complete Work Latest




BUS 352 Grand Canyon Week 2 Complete Work Latest


BUS 352 Grand Canyon Module 2 Discussion 1

Referring to Chapter 2 Excel Guide, EG2, Section EG2.5 in the text, create a histogram on some sample data using Microsoft Excel. Post your file to the Discussion Forum in response to this DQ. What are some specific challenges related to creating a histogram in Microsoft Excel?


BUS 352 Grand Canyon Module 2 Discussion 2

What ethical issues should you consider when creating a graph of data?

BUS 352 Grand Canyon Week 2 Problem Set 2

Complete exercises 2.7, 2.17, 2.19 (refer to Appendix E2 for instructions on using Excel), 2.21 (parts a, b, and c only), 2.50, 2.51 in the textbook. Please note: the files needed to complete the assignments are located in Course Materials (Course Add-Ons). You will need:

  • For 2.17, the “BBCost” file.
  • For 2.19, the “Steel” file.
  • For 2.21, the “Force” file.
  • For 2.50, the “Colleges-Basketball” file.
  • For 2.51, the “Wonderlic” file.

Complete exercises 3.11, 3.15, 3.21 (parts a and b only), 3.40 in the textbook. You will need:

  • For 3.11, the “Chocolate Chip” file.
  • For 3.15, the “Bank1” file.
  • For 3.27, the “Chocolate Chip” file.
  • For 3.40, the “Cereals” file.

For problems requiring computations, please ensure that your Excel file includes the associated cell computations and/or statistics output; this information is needed in order to receive full credit on these problems.

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