ECS 555 Topic 3 Discussions GCU




ECS 555 Topic 3 Discussions GCU

ECS 555 Topic 3 DQ 1

Being prepared for an emergency is important at all ages. Identify an emergency policy needed for all children to learn and share how preparation will vary from each different age group.

ECS 555 Topic 3 DQ 2

Identify and describe two safety activities that K-grade 3 students could teach their families at home. Rationalize your recommendations.

  1. Gift Okhiai

    Wonderful! I got an A on my group project. The accountant did a wonderful job on the financial calculations portion. Instructions were followed and the service was rapid. They did not wait the last minute. I like that they sent me a draft first and to take a look and contact them back if anything needed to be fixed and if it met my standards!

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