FIN 450 Grand Canyon Week 8 Discussion




FIN 450 Grand Canyon Week 8 Discussion


FIN 450 Grand Canyon Week 8 Discussion 1

Students are expected to make an opening post that is a summary of the assignment problem that presents the greatest challenge to them. Remember it is recommended that students engage in a discussion already established before adding new problem threads.

Students will then engage in a discussion addressing: how to solve the problem; what tables, charts, schedules, graphs, etc. might be useful in working out the solution; what formulas can be applied or need to be developed; what core course Resources can be used; etc. Please do not post Answers within this forum. ads.


FIN 450 Grand Canyon Week 8 Discussion 2

Why do you think it is easier for firms with weak credit positions to obtain lease financing than bank loan financing? Explain the difference between economic and financial definitions of business failure. What alternatives are available to a failing firm?

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