LDR 461 Topic 2 Discussions GCU




LDR 461 Topic 2 Discussions GCU

LDR 461 Topic 2 Discussion Question 1

What difficulties or challenges do you anticipate as you prepare your journal entries throughout this course? For your first response to this Discussion Forum, give your answer to this question. Then for your other responses this week, read the responses of your fellow students and give them some feedback and some suggestions as to how they might solve or avoid the problems they are anticipating. Hopefully someone will also have some suggestions for you.


LDR 461 Topic 2 Discussion Question 2

By this time, you have been to your volunteer site at least once, maybe several times. From what you have seen so far, what theories, research findings, concepts, or other knowledge in your field do you think will be most applicable to your volunteer experience? Explain your reasons for thinking this. As you look at the responses of other volunteers, especially those in the same major as you, what are your thoughts about what they wrote? Can you understand why they wrote what they did? Can you suggest other theories, concepts, research findings, etc. that they didn’t think of? If so, explain to them why you think these other ideas might help their volunteer experience.


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LDR 461 Topic 2 Discussions GCU

Perfect LDR 461 Topic 2 Discussions GCU

LDR 461 Topic 2 Discussions GCU


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