LDR 630 GC Week 3 Discussions Latest




LDR 630 GC Week 3 Discussions Latest


LDR 630 GC Week 3 Discussions Latest

LRD 630 GC Week 3 Discussion 1

Using the link provided, complete the “Rokeach Value Survey.” Summarize how your personal values correlate with the principles of servant leadership. How can you draw on values and servant leadership principles to better establish your followership to better serve those you lead professionally and personally?



LRD 630 GC Week 3 Discussion 2

Suppose you go to work for an organization that you discover does not align with your personal values. You are in a leadership role and you are not in a position to leave the job. How do you ethically represent the company without compromising your own beliefs? What is the deal breaker for you? How does ethically representing the company demonstrate your ability to be a servant leader?

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