LDR 630 GC Week 7 Complete Work Latest




LDR 630 GC Week 7 Complete Work Latest


LDR 630 GC Week 7 Complete Work Latest

LRD 630 GC Week 7 Discussion 1

In the Topic Materials you read several examples of ways that servant leadership can be displayed through true volunteerism and acts of service to others. Research an historic or current servant leader who is a true volunteer in service to others. In what ways does the person inspire leadership while building his or her own character and integrity? How does this leader exemplify the moral obligation to lead through kindness, compassion, and justice?


LRD 630 GC Week 7 Discussion 2

Share the volunteer opportunity you will be completing for the topic assignment. Discuss how you think this experience will help you develop your own character and give you experience in leading through exhibiting kindness, compassion, and justice.

LDR 630 GC Week 7 Assignment

Servant Leadership Experience


Find an opportunity to demonstrate servant leadership in your organization or community through volunteering or serving others. The experience should be something that is new for you and takes you out of your comfort zone. The goal of the experience is to get a tangible moment to think about leadership from a different perspective. Rather than looking at a leader in the hierarchical sense, look at it in terms of what the results of your volunteering could do for others and how, if done consistently, it might influence change or produce a positive impact for the greater good. Submit a one or two paragraph summary of your intended servant leadership activity for approval by your instructor. Include the name of the organization and contact information for the organizational leader. You will use this activity as the basis for the Servant Leadership Analysis assignment in Topic 8.

APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.

You are not required to submit this assignment to Turnitin.

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