MAT 134 Grand Canyon Week 2 Discussion




MAT 134 Grand Canyon Week 2 Discussion


MAT 134 Grand Canyon Week 2 Discussion 1

In your own words, explain the process of factoring a trinomial with a leading coefficient that is not equal to one. Why is this process more difficult than when the leading coefficient is equal to one? Give an example. How could we apply FOIL in this context?


MAT 134 Grand Canyon Week 2 Discussion 2

Statistical studies have shown that intelligence is not a predictor of math success; but motivation, study skills, and hard work are strong predictors. There is no such thing as a “math person” or a “nonmath person.” Math is a matter of learning and learning how to learn. What have you seen in the first two topics to either affirm or reject this evidence? What tools in the classroom are you using to aid your learning? Give an example.

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