Suppose that a small family farm sold its output for




ECN 351 Topic 4 Discussions GCU

ECN 351 Topic 4 DQ 1

Suppose that a small family farm sold its output for $100,000 in a given year. The family spent $25,000 on fuel, $40,000 on seed, fertilizer, and pesticides, and $25,000 on equipment, including maintenance. The family members could have earned $20,000 working at other occupations. What is the family’s accounting cost? What is the family’s economic cost? Could the family’s economic cost ever exceed its accounting cost? Why or why not?

ECN 351 Topic 4 DQ 2

News reports from the western United States occasionally report incidents of cattle ranchers slaughtering many newborn calves and burying them in mass graves rather than transporting them to markets. Assuming that this is rational behavior by profit-maximizing “firms,” explain what economic factors may influence such behavior. Justify your answer.



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