While all allied health care professionals possess specialized knowledge




HLT 317V Topic 4 Discussions NEW

HLT 317V Topic 4 DQ 1

While all allied health care professionals possess specialized knowledge of fields, applying that knowledge in the clinical setting requires each health care provider to view his or her role as a vital component of the greater whole. Read the content about the different health care professions located in the “Allied Health Community” media. This component of the media illustrates those allied health professions that have direct interactions with patients. Explain why it is important for health care providers to have a basic understanding of the scope of practice for the various health care professions. Describe the communication skills necessary to communicate effectively among the various health care professions to achieve desired outcomes.

HLT 317V Topic 4 DQ 2

Choose a health care case study on ethical practices from your work environment or from a library article. Explain the basic ethical considerations in terms of informed consent, beneficence, truth telling, and deception. Describe the role of the Christian worldview when considering these issues.



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