You have accepted a new special education position in a new




ECS 590 Topic 1 Discussions GCU

ECS 590 Topic 1 DQ 1

You have accepted a new special education position in a new K-Grade 5 school. As you are preparing for the assessment and IEP development of a child receiving services for delays in multiple areas of development, you are informed by one of the IEP team members that she does not feel a need to collaborate with the other team members because her area of service is not affected by the other developmental areas being evaluated. How would you handle this situation? Why did you choose to handle it the way you did?

ECS 590 Topic 1 DQ 2

Collecting information about student progress is important to making informed educational decisions and creating effective learning experiences for students. What are some of the challenges you think teachers face in collecting accurate assessment data and how do you think those challenges can be overcome?



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